Bring Your Concept To Life!

Commissioning art with CryptoKeezi is easy and straightforward! Choose from three simple contact methods:

  • Email: for detailed ideas and image references.
  • Twitter DM: @CryptoKeezi for a light chat and to view previous works.
  • Website Form: Quickly provide info and any special requests through our site.

    We guarantee professional and attentive handling of your inquiry for a smooth commissioning process, regardless of the method chosen.


Discover versatile creative solutions at our Design Studio. We specialize in:

  • 3D Animation: Crafting realistic and immersive narratives.
  • 2D Animation: Merging compelling storytelling with vibrant visuals.
  • 2D Illustrations: Creating detailed and expressive artwork.
  • Clothing Design: Combining fashion and function to enhance your brand.
  • Creative Direction: Guiding projects with a clear, innovative vision from inception to completion.
    Trust us for standout animations, illustrations, apparel, and creative leadership, all meticulously designed to exceed your expectations.


Experience a seamless creation of stunning 3D/2D animations and illustrations with our streamlined process:

  • Conceptualization & Asset Gathering: We begin by shaping your idea and compiling necessary assets.
  • Collaboration: Develop a detailed storyboard with us, previewing the final product.
  • Creation: Once approved, we utilize advanced tools to bring your vision to life.
  • Communication: Stay updated and involved at every project stage.
    Your project evolves transparently and collaboratively from initial idea to compelling visual reality.